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About Us

Looking for a positive and supportive social media community platform to help you on your journey? Want to have fun while doing it? Are you tired of the negativity surrounding other social media platforms? If yes, then you're in the right place! Join us!

The Gifted Souls Community is a place where you will connected with like-minded people around topics of mysticism, metaphysics and growing your spiritual power and abilities!  

As A Member, You Get To:

Find Your Tribe

This is a community of positive-thinking people who are on a spiritual journey and looking for a sense of community, support and fun as they walk their journey. Your journey doesn't have to be taken alone. The Gifted Souls Community is what you've been waiting for!

Connect and communicate with other members of the community through posts, joining and engaging in groups, private messaging, and liking and following each other!

Enhance Your Spiritual Journey

Through engaging with other members and learning from top leaders, such as Energy Healer, Psychic-Medium and Spiritual Teacher, Monica Bey, you will have the opportunity to grow at a faster pace toward your unlimited power and understanding of your spiritual gifts and all things metaphysical and mystical!

Grow Your Following

With the ability for members to follow each other, like and comment on posts, The Gifted Souls Community is a great place for you to let your voice be heard! Gain a following to help spread your message, share your journey to inspire others or grow your spiritual or metaphysical business!

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Stay connected with the Gifted Souls Community wherever you go by downloading the Mystic Circle TV app on Google Play and in the iOS Apple App Store. 

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